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  Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Heat Transfer Equipment

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Any heat transfer between fluid and air -- air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump water heater, or just heat transfer


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 Stop the enormous waste of natural resource and energy


Breaking News: World Climate Deal Reached, Dec 12 2015

Will Eliminate Several Nuclear Power Plants Around World

1 quad = BTUs (1,000,000,000,000,000 BTUs)

Now, air conditioner at half operating cost (energy savings)

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 High Performance, Reinvented Heat Exchanger           Best Near- and Long-Term Solution to Energy Crisis                    Quickly Upgrade D.O.E. SEER Rating 

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"the net result can be a 20% increase in the heat transfer  that is, a 20% increase in the amount heat rejected per unit of fan power input. The EE Configuration concept looks most promising in low static applications where propeller fans are used (and ductwork is not required), such as air-cooled condenser coils and dry coolers." ...CDH Energy,

"I am sure there will be applications in which the proposed (EE Configuration) configuration will make a lot of sense, but it is not a panacea.".....H. Ezzat Khalifa, PhD; ex-Director Product R&D Carrier/UTC, NYSTAR Distinguished Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Syracuse University

"EE Configuration is real and sound".....XXX PhD, Director of Engg. XXX Corp. ID not revealed upon request

We have 100-year floods every two years now,
       .................NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo
New York will rebuild the city for climate change  ........Mayor Bloomberg Climate change is a terrible problem, it absolutely needs to be resolved................Bill Gates

Simplicity Driven Engineering!

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"Trust, but verify" .....US President Ronald Reagan

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How Does It Work    Novel optimization of several heat transfer principles has evolved into new energy-efficient (EE) configuration which provides unmatched level of energy efficiency

Energy Efficient (EE) Configuration Attributes 

Proven & Guaranteed Attributes


Potential Attributes  -

Climate Change and New Energy-Efficient (EE)Configuration - Climate changer requires grass-roots response.  EE Configuration stands to make a significant contribution.

Independent Laboratory Tests

EE Configuration has evolved over several years and after going through exhaustive testing on successive prototype samples.  These tests have revealed an undisputable performance pattern.  Many empirical comparison tests have been conducted between EE Configured samples and equivalent conventional sample.  These tests were conducted at independent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Intertek Testing Laboratories in Cortland, NY.  See sample coil D1 data.

According to this pattern, the EE Configuration provides at least 20% fan power saving for the same amount of heat transfer over the equivalent current-design thin coil and 10% compressor/pump power reduction.  See basic EE Configuration design related formulae.

EE Configuration Application 

Basically, EE Configuration is a better alternative to any fin-tube coil:  a fin-tube coil used in refrigeration application as an indoor evaporator or outdoor condenser, or fin-tube coil used to cool down hot fluids in industrial/process heat application like dry-coolers.

Conversion of slab coil to EE Configuration - The immediate and most appropriate application at this time is to replace any slab type condenser coil with equivalent EE Configuration.  Under such an upgrade, minimal changes to the product design are needed. 

Conversion of U shaped condenser coil to EE Configuration   The "C" or "U" shaped coils can be converted to EE Configuration pattern to realize both energy reduction as well as OEM cost reduction.

Comparison to Other Energy-Related HVAC/R Innovations

EE Configuration technology is one of those rare opportunities where it provides substantial cost savings to the OEM, and, concurrently proportionate savings to the consumer.  For example, the micro-channel heat exchangers claim to provide energy savings to the consumer, they also increase the OEM cost, putting the payback period several years down after commissioning of the equipment.  Or, consider the scroll compressor.  It only provides about 15% improvement in the compressor power consumption, but cost more, making the payback period longer.  Unlike the EE Configuration, the scroll and the micro-channels, do not provide fan power savings.  For this reason alone the EE Configuration technology stands out compared to recent HVAC/R innovations.

Coil Selection Software

A limited coil selection software has been prepared based on the test results and formulae developed to this date.  It is currently being tested.

OEM Cost Savings

The EE Configuration allows the design engineer to reduce the compressor h.p., outdoor fan h.p. and indoor fan h.p. while retaining the same performance.  In the optimum stage, whereas if a 1 h.p. compressor was needed, the EE Configuration allows it to be downsized up to 1/2 h.p.  Same goes with fan motor and blower motor.  Alongside comes reduction/elimination in ancillary components/controls/materials like motor protection, contactors, wiring, mounting hardware, packaging, shipping and the like. This results in a smaller and lighter overall machine/appliance.  All these steps reduce the product cost. Check here for residential and here for commercial savings.




According to the United States Department of Energy, today's buildings consume more energy than any other sector of the US economy, including transportation and industry.

Source: NYSERDA 


About Inventor    Hemant Kale, PE is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bangalore, Masters Level courses in Industrial Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Masters Level courses in Business Management from Roosevelt University, Chicago, Il.  He has 40 years experience in heat transfer field, and has worked for many leading corporations in the HVAC/R field.  He has travelled extensively to various HVAC/R manufacturers around the world.  10 US/Candian Patents.  The Reconfigured A.C/Refrigeration is a culmination of many years of experience, R & D work and theoretical analysis.

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This is a very young proven technology.  It has a long way to evolve and mature.  This is an exact time to get involved, develop it to maturity and reap benEE Configurationits along the way and thereafter for decades to come.   

Acute Problem = Major Opportunity - Every acute problem (according to wise people) provides an enormous opportunity to advance human knowledge and skills and to achieve your aspirations - be it service to humanity, wealth, accomplishment, acknowledgment,  or other.  EE Configuration is one such opportunity where you can make a difference, rather than be a mediocre 'me too'.

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EE Configuration has emerged more than 10 years ago.  Yet, the worldwide HVAC/R industry, despite the clamor over climate change, continues to  manufacture products that cost nearly twice as much and will require nearly twice as much energy to operate over some 30 year life span of the product. Don't understand!

                Green Technology Proponents: where did you all go!  

Outside the Box - EE Configuration is a result of audacious "outside the box" thought and logic.       

Available: Custom tooling

Bill Gates (Microsoft) Speak:  "if you need a good solution to a complex problem, I will assign the task to a lazy employee.  Because, he will find a least complicated solution."



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